Minecraft Server List

The Minecraft server list provides an extensive selection of the finest Minecraft servers available for online play. Discover our top Minecraft server list, featuring servers that cater to various preferences. Once you've found a server that suits your preferences, simply copy the Server Address and paste it into the Multiplayer option of your Minecraft client.

To make your search easier, you can utilize the GameMode filter to explore different Minecraft server types. Whether you're looking for Survival, Creative, PvP, or other game modes, our server list has you covered. Rest assured that we regularly ping servers to ensure they are online and accessible.

Join the Minecraft community and embark on exciting adventures with players from around the world by finding the perfect server from our comprehensive server list.

Minecraft Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status

Welcome to the OG Network, where we're dedicated to reviving the classic Minecraft experience that you know and love. Say goodbye to pay-to-win schemes and embrace a server that puts the player first.At OG Network, we understand the nostalgia and charm of the old Minecraft days. That's why we've ...

52Volatik Network

¡Bienvenido a Volatik Network!¿Estás cansado de los survivals aburridos? ¡No busques más, porque somos tu salvación! En Volatik Network, ofrecemos una experiencia de juego emocionante y única que te mantendrá enganchado desde el primer momento...

53Bartol SMP

Welcome to Bartol SMP, a diverse Minecraft server offering three distinct gameplay experiences: Hardcore, Anarchy, and Lifesteal.In Lifesteal, our semi-anarchy server, the mechanics are simple yet thrilling. When you defeat other players, you absorb some of their hearts, increasing your own stren...


Welcome to Shotbow, the unrivaled pioneer of Minecraft server networks!Prepare yourself for an unparalleled gaming experience as we unveil an array of entirely custom-coded game modes that will redefine your perception of Minecraft. Discover the immersive worlds of MineZ, Annihilation, Smash, Min...


Welcome to Castaway, an extraordinary 1.17 Earth Survival server that invites you to embark on an awe-inspiring journey of exploration. Step into a meticulously crafted Minecraft rendition of our planet Earth, recreated on a 1:1000 scale, and prepare to be amazed.Immerse yourself in the wonders o...

56ZoneCraft Network

Welcome to ZoneCraft Network, where the world of Minecraft comes alive with unparalleled fun and unique game modes! Prepare yourself for an extraordinary adventure unlike anything you've experienced before.We proudly host a wide variety of exciting and exclusive game modes that are sure to captur...

57LifeSteal SMP

Lifesteal SMP is a Minecraft server with a unique twist: players can "steal" each other's health! When two players fight, the victor will automatically siphon off a portion of the loser's health and add it to their own. This makes for some intense PvP action, as players must be careful not to ove...


Servidor minecraft en espaol, con modalidades nuevas cada semana, sin lag y sobre todo para amantes de PVP.

59SC Network

Welcome to the SC Network!Immerse yourself in a vibrant and diverse Minecraft experience like no other. With a wide range of exciting game modes and a thriving community, the SC Network is your gateway to endless adventures and unforgettable moments.Join us at mc.SERB-CRAFT.com and discover a wor...


Welcome to ObliqueMC!Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary Minecraft adventure? Look no further than ObliqueMC, a unique and immersive server that offers a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience.At ObliqueMC, we prioritize fairness and fun. That's why we proudly declare ourselves a "0 Pay To Win...


Welcome to FearGames - The Ultimate Minecraft Network Experience!FearGames is not just any ordinary server network - it's a place where your Minecraft adventures come to life! We pride ourselves on constantly evolving and striving to provide an exceptional gaming experience for everyone. Our goal...


Benvenuti su WarAccademy, uno dei migliori server italiani di Minecraft!Siamo famosi per le nostre modalità di gioco completamente innovative e sempre aggiornate, ma ciò che ci distingue davvero è il nostro roleplay, con una media di oltre 150 giocatori ogni giorno. Qui potra...


Welcome to Comugamers, the ultimate Minecraft server that caters to both Spanish and English-speaking players. Get ready for an unparalleled adventure in the world of AventuraCraft Network, where unforgettable moments and exciting gameplay await.At Comugamers, we pride ourselves on being the best...

64Dwarvencraft Network

Welcome to the Dwarvencraft Network!Embark on an exciting adventure in our brand new network dedicated to a variety of thrilling minigames. Whether you're a PvP enthusiast, a fan of casual arcade games, a creative builder, or someone who enjoys the challenges of Skyblock, we have something for ev...


Welcome to MineSpazio, the ultimate Minecraft server for Spanish-speaking players in Latin America. Embark on an epic adventure across multiple game modes and experience a world of endless possibilities. Join our thriving community and delve into the realms of Survival, Factions, Skyblock, Prison...

66SalooN Network

Welcome to SalooN Network - Where Minecraft Dreams Come True!Established in 2018 and rekindled in 2020 with even more passion, SalooN Network has been a haven for Minecraft enthusiasts. Our dedicated team, with over seven years of experience, has nurtured a community built on unity, camaraderie, ...

67The Seed

Welcome to The Seed, a Minecraft server dedicated to providing a simple and community-based experience for players who just want to enjoy the game with their friends. If you're seeking a server with countless custom-coded features, The Seed might not be what you're looking for. Instead, we focus ...

68Utopiverse Network

Welcome to Utopiverse Network - Your Gateway to Endless Adventures!Stay Connected:Before you embark on your epic journey through the vast realms of Utopiverse Network, here's how you can stay connected with us:IP: play.utopiverse.netWebsite: www.utopiverse.netTwitter: twitter.com/UtopiverseNDisco...


Welcome to ParlaGames, the largest Minecraft server in Israel!If you're looking for an Israeli server packed with tons of games and endless fun, you've come to the right place. ParlaGames, created by the vibrant Israeli community called Parlamentum, offers a diverse range of exciting minigames th...

70KCHS Craft

Welcome to KCHS Craft!KCHS Craft is a unique Minecraft server that revolves around the theme of the owner's school. It provides a platform for school students to come together, interact, and have fun in the virtual world. However, our server is not limited to just students. Anyone is welcome to j...

71SkyFactory3 by Crafter...

Discover the captivating world of SkyFactory3 by CraftersLand!Embark on an unforgettable journey within this modded Minecraft server, where innovation meets endless possibilities. Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.netDive into the immersive SkyFactory3 modpack, curated by ...

72SkyFactory 4 by Crafte...

Welcome to SkyFactory 4 by CraftersLand, the ultimate Minecraft experience that takes you to new heights! Prepare to embark on an adventure like no other, where sky is the limit and your creativity knows no bounds.Join our thriving community and connect with fellow players on our website at www.c...

73SkyFactory2 by Crafter...

Welcome to SkyFactory2 by CraftersLand!Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey in the sky? Look no further than our SkyFactory2 server, where you can experience the ultimate skyblock adventure with a range of features designed to enhance your gameplay.Server Features:SkyFactory2 is a popul...


Welcome to Blockstackers!Blockstackers is a thriving community-based semi-vanilla server located in Asia. Our mission is to provide an exceptional Minecraft experience to players from all corners of the globe, fostering friendships and vibrant communities along the way.Our Commitment to Community...

75RLCraft by CraftersLand

Welcome to RLCraft by CraftersLand, where survival reaches new heights and challenges await at every turn!With our dedicated server, we provide an immersive and thrilling experience within the FTB Ultimate Reloaded Modpack. Are you ready to face the dangers of the world and prove your mettle?Here...


Minecraft servers are computer systems or networks that allow players to connect and play Minecraft together in multiplayer mode. While Minecraft can be played alone in single-player mode, joining a server enables you to interact with other players, explore shared worlds, and engage in collaborative or competitive gameplay.

A Minecraft server list is a compilation of various Minecraft servers from around the world. These lists provide players with a convenient way to discover and join different servers to enjoy online gaming experiences. Each server in the list has a unique IP address that serves as the connection point for players. By selecting a server from the list, players can input the server's IP address or domain name to connect and start playing on that specific server.

To connect to a Minecraft server, you need to access the Multiplayer section in the main menu of Minecraft. From there, click on "Add Server" and provide a name for the server you're adding. You can choose any name you prefer. Next, enter the server's IP address or domain name. It is recommended to use the domain name whenever possible, as IP addresses may change over time, potentially causing confusion or difficulty in connecting to the server later on.

By utilizing Minecraft server lists and connecting to servers of your choice, you can join a vibrant community of players, discover unique worlds, and embark on exciting multiplayer adventures in the Minecraft universe.