Minecraft Server List

Minecraft server list is an endless source of the best Minecraft Servers to play online. Check our top Minecraft server list and find a good Minecraft server that seems right for you, copy the Server Address and paste it into your Minecraft client in the Multiplayer option. You can explore different Minecraft server types using GameMode filter. We continuously ping servers to ensure they're online.

Minecraft Server List: Minecraft Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status

The server is still in early development, we are currently working on other gamemodes, but so far we only have anarchy. No rules. the next server out will be smp, which will have rules, and hacks will not be allowed on that server.


UPDATED TO 1.16.4! Welcome To CitizenCraft! We are a survival Community! We cant wait for you to join us and start building! Bring your friends! Bring Your family! We cant wait for you to join us and build on the server. We will be looking for staff so join, play for a while.


Server-ul nostru de survival cu Ownerii PNEEP, RedHat_ si TheMyth_ va aduce cel mai bun gameplay de survival din Romania. Aveti multe facilitati : - Jobs - Lemn gratis la spawn - Constructii faine - Magnet de pizde


We are a fun Semi-Vanilla server that focuses on our players! We want to build a strong community where people can play and be them selves while having fun. We will be constantly looking to make sure our server is the best place to be and we will take player suggestions into account when working ...

1180ClarenceCraft factions

ClarenceCraft Factions! Fun for all! Griefing IS allowed! Please stay legit, no hacking. Rules other than the one listed above: none Other stuff you need to know: The spawn is a work in progress RIP old clarencecraft, you will be missed


Come and join our fresh Survival Server and feel free to ask how all of our awesome plugins work... Also make sure to join the discord and read the rules and the plugins-log :) Hope you will enjoy my server, you can chill there at any time (24/7 online).


JustAServer 1.15.2 - Vanilla/Factions - Survival with friends A simple survival server with factions. I hope for people to join so that I can battle against some other factions! Note: Faction homes are now faction 'warps', even though you can only have a single warp at a time. This is bec...


Welcome To DownCraft We are a faction server we have a own Pvp arena where you can pvp 1v1 we olso have good staff that are online 24/7 come join and take a look at our server =)


Me And a few of my Friends Decied to make a server. It has minigames (SurvivalGames and InsanityRun) More will be added. Factions, Plotme and go old Survival. ENJOY :)


The official AlanBecker Minecraft server! Come check out our newest gamemodes of Survival, Skyblock, Creative and so much more!

1186Survive With Us SMP

We are a brand new survival server with completely custom plugins and a fresh map for our players to begin adventuring on. Every player has access to a randomtp so you can find the perfect spot to start your adventure! Other awesome features include : Keep inventory 24/7 server uptime Active owne...


Survival server, you can play if friends, you can build houses without fear of being destroyed with protection, you can work at work and thus you will earn money and if the money you can buy larger blocks and areas. There is also pvp


DivinePVP! Factions - Raid - Grief server! We're hiring, Coders, Developers and Mods, we currently have donations up, try /buy in game, most of all, Enjoy our server! Today our main Code and Owner - Dragoon has coded most of the server so it is not fully finished, but we will develop more soon!


What are Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft can be played in single player mode and multiplayer mode. In order to play Minecraft multiplayer you need to connect to another computer or server over either your local network or the internet. This other computer you are connecting to is a Minecraft Server. This server could just be someone else running Minecraft on your local network that has enabled the Open to LAN feature on their game, or if you're connecting to a popular server on the internet it could be a series of large servers with tens of thousands of users.

What is a Minecraft Server List??

A Minecraft server list is essentially just a list of Minecraft servers from all over the world that can be accessed to play games online. Each Minecraft server on the list has a unique IP address only through which players can connect and play the game on that specific server. To rate Minecraft servers, lists would usually allow players to vote for their favorite Minecraft servers.

How do I connect to Minecraft Servers?

In order to connect to a Minecraft server you need to go under the Multiplayer section off the main menu in Minecraft you need to click Add Server and give it a name, you can call it anything you want and it's IP address. The address will either it's domain name or it's IP address. We'd recommend always using the domain name if possible since IP addresses can change and that could cause some confusion down the road or even lost Minecraft servers.