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Minecraft server list is an endless source of the best Minecraft Servers to play online. Check our top Minecraft server list and find a good Minecraft server that seems right for you, copy the Server Address and paste it into your Minecraft client in the Multiplayer option. You can explore different Minecraft server types using GameMode filter. We continuously ping servers to ensure they're online.

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Come join us for some fun on a growing survival server! We have a super friendly staff who can help you when needed. We have an awesome map and are always adding more things for you to do! Come check us out!


DeepSMP is a great smp server to play tweaked vannila survival you can use /search to spawn a random tresure chest in the world and go on an adventure to find the loot you can also use /wild to teleport somewhere random in the world to start your ...


We are a new server just starting out. Currently looking for staff so join fast if you're interested in that. DP every 10 members! Factions, Survival, Soon to have: Prison, Skyblock, Spleef, Bungeecord and more! JOIN now!


GenesisGame server je na verzi 1.8.8 je zamen na Warez Hre. Mme velky vbr ve Svtech bud Survival nebo Skyblock a nebo Creative kad hr jsi najde ten tvuj svt kde chce hrt co ho bav .!


Want to have a paid rank on the server, but have no money to pay for one? Well now, We have resolved that issue for you!!! On CMCRAFT players will have a chance to get extra perks and special kits using in-game money!! Skin contests - Can you desi...


What are Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft can be played in single player mode and multiplayer mode. In order to play Minecraft multiplayer you need to connect to another computer or server over either your local network or the internet. This other computer you are connecting to is a Minecraft Server. This server could just be someone else running Minecraft on your local network that has enabled the Open to LAN feature on their game, or if you're connecting to a popular server on the internet it could be a series of large servers with tens of thousands of users.

What is a Minecraft Server List??

A Minecraft server list is essentially just a list of Minecraft servers from all over the world that can be accessed to play games online. Each Minecraft server on the list has a unique IP address only through which players can connect and play the game on that specific server. To rate Minecraft servers, lists would usually allow players to vote for their favorite Minecraft servers.

How do I connect to Minecraft Servers?

In order to connect to a Minecraft server you need to go under the Multiplayer section off the main menu in Minecraft you need to click Add Server and give it a name, you can call it anything you want and it's IP address. The address will either it's domain name or it's IP address. We'd recommend always using the domain name if possible since IP addresses can change and that could cause some confusion down the road or even lost Minecraft servers.