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Find Top Minecraft Servers hosted in Belgium. Server host can affect your ping, the closer the server host is to you, the lower your ping will usually be. If you're from Belgium you will most likely have the best ping on servers hosted in Belgium.

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awesomeland is hosted in Belgium. 24/7 Dedicated survival minecraft server. A huge world with antigrief protection is available through LogBlock, LWC and mcbans. Free to join, play and explore. Build your own house in the different cities and expl...


DownCraft is hosted in Belgium. Welcome To DownCraft We are a faction server we have a own Pvp arena where you can pvp 1v1 we olso have good staff that are online 24/7 come join and take a look at our server =)


DimiVGaming is hosted in Belgium. Welcome to DimiVGaming's minecraft java server. We use mods to ensure your builds are protected, and your time with us is as enjoyable as it can be. We hope you enjoy your time with us!


MineBestTopia is hosted in Belgium. Een toffe, leuke & spectaculaire MineTopia server. Altijd vriendelijke mensen die je zeker en vast beter wilt leren kennen.

1332Proelium MCProelium MC

Proelium MC is hosted in Belgium. ALPAH TEST CLOSING big release when 1.18 is out! Proelium MC is a Survival+ server. It is made for seasoned minecraft players who want a new challenge, in the form of handmade maps where you can fight bosses or ot...