Minecraft Servers in Hong Kong

Find Top Minecraft Servers hosted in Hong Kong. Server host can affect your ping, the closer the server host is to you, the lower your ping will usually be. If you're from Hong Kong you will most likely have the best ping on servers hosted in Hong Kong.

Find Minecraft Servers in Hong Kong

Rank Name Server Players Status
296Unirails-City of Stage...

Stagecoach City is a Minecraft virtual city made by railway enthusiasts. It is home to the UniRails railway alliance. All in technology, All in passion, All in one

502HK Miners Colony

A simple free for all mining colony with earth, skylands and hell. There is an active economy for trading too. Build beautiful things!


HcsCraft HcsCraft HcsCraft :mc.hcsite.com

1124The Muffinized Network

In this network, there is a variety of gamemodes for you to choose from. From PVP to builds, we've got it all. Don't worry about anything, you have 100% freedom over anything/ Also, this network has a variety of plugins used to give you an amazing experience.