Minecraft Servers in Israel

Find Top Minecraft Servers hosted in Israel. Server host can affect your ping, the closer the server host is to you, the lower your ping will usually be. If you're from Israel you will most likely have the best ping on servers hosted in Israel.

Find Minecraft Servers in Israel

Rank Name Server Players Status
97TopStrix Network

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, . . , (), (), , , . 20,000 This is the biggest Minecraft server in Israel, if you would like to play in an Israeli server with tons of games this is the place for you. This server was made by an Israeli Community called Parlamentum. which provides a variaty of fun minigames that you can p...


Survival server, you can play if friends, you can build houses without fear of being destroyed with protection, you can work at work and thus you will earn money and if the money you can buy larger blocks and areas. There is also pvp