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Many PVE Minecraft servers offer custom content that isn't seen in regular Minecraft servers. Content on PVE servers can range from hazardous new mobs to dangerous new weather events such as firestorms, earthquakes, and even floods.

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107Faded AlphaFaded Alpha

Faded Alpha is listed under PvE servers. Hey there! We are offering a 24/7 uptime, zero lag, unique servers, a friendly community, amazing buildings & ddos protection to ensure that you are given the best experience while playing here with us....


TraderCraft is listed under PvE servers. Roleplay, trade, expand, defend, conquer! TraderCraft is a player-focused RPG Minecraft server. We offer a fun, mostly-vanilla style of play, with added RPG elements and a bucketload of ancient lore within ...


HuabaCraft is listed under PvE servers. The server has a lot of different things to offer, our main game mode is survival 1.17.1 but it has a lot of custom features. The Ultimate goal for HuabaCraft is to make a community filled with creative and ...

114Entropy Survival ServerEntropy Survival Server

Entropy Survival Server is listed under PvE servers. Entropy is a Public Survival Server with GUI Player and Server shops, GriefPrevention, mcMMO, Jobs, and a helpful group of staff and players. We have a new 4000 block radius map for 1.13! Come c...

115Epic MinecraftEpic Minecraft

Epic Minecraft is listed under PvE servers. SERVER IP: epic-mc.com | Multiple Hunger Games Worlds, OVER 25+ Mini-Games, 300+ Slots, PvP, PvE, No-Grief, Very Easy Home Protection, Player Shops, Huge Building Worlds Lots, PVE PVP Arenas, Survival in...


HazeMC is listed under PvE servers. Welcome to HazeMC! We are a 1.14.4 survival server with a lot to offer all our players. > Survival with many features > Custom achievements & advancements with rewards! > Player Warps, Chest Shop, S...

122Extra Potions MCExtra Potions MC

Extra Potions MC is listed under PvE servers. ExtraPotions MC Features a sem-vanilla survival system. Custom mobs, particles, mechanics. World Generation is larger, terrain is more diverse, dungeons are larger and have a few custom types on land a...

123True MinecraftTrue Minecraft

True Minecraft is listed under PvE servers. Join us for a true semi-vanilla experience with a friendly mature community! Our survival is full of enhancements for multiplayer, featuring land claims, anti-resource-starvation, and teleporting that do...

129Reef MCReef MC

Reef MC is listed under PvE servers. Survival Multi-Player Quick Info: Hard Difficulty; Player Owned Shops; Premium Lag-free server; No Raiding; No Griefing; Free to play Rank system with rewards; Hermitcraft-like atmosphere; Economy that isnt sup...

138Nekonecny pribehNekonecny pribeh

Nekonecny pribeh is listed under PvE servers. Nekonen pbh - Zamujeme se pedevm na kvalitn hran spolen s kamardy, rodinou a zrove na bezpe hr, majetku a celho serveru pro spokojenou komunitu. - Je tu klasick Survival, s tm nekonenou mapou. K dispoz...

142TerraMedia NetworkTerraMedia Network

TerraMedia Network is listed under PvE servers. Servidor hispano enfocado en modalidades Survival-PvP Calidad Atencin Experiencia Seriedad Profesionalismo


CubivalCraft is listed under PvE servers. Discord:https://discord.gg/kKFcvSH Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1960105564086704/?ref=bookmarks

148Pyramid Corp.Pyramid Corp.

Pyramid Corp. is listed under PvE servers. Pyramid Corp (beta) is a simple, secure and 100% free Minecraft server where you can join using unofficial Minecraft accounts or official accounts. You can play minigames like Bed Wars, Sky Wars, Prop Hun...

149The Fallen ChronicleThe Fallen Chronicle

The Fallen Chronicle is listed under PvE servers. Introduction The Fallen Chronicle is a Hardcore Roleplaying experience, that focuses on individual character development and freedom of roleplay. However before anything else, The Fallen Chronicle ...

154HavenShire - Oasis GamingHavenShire - Oasis Gaming

HavenShire - Oasis Gaming is listed under PvE servers. Havenshire offers a community-driven survival server with economy, anti-grief policies and a small player base. Give us a try at play.havenshiremc.net!

155Too Many Cows SurvivalToo Many Cows Survival

Too Many Cows Survival is listed under PvE servers. - Grief Prevention: claim land with a simple tool to prevent griefers from destroying your work - Mob arena: play the mob arena, battle waves of monsters and bosses for fun and rewards - Economy:...


Digzone is listed under PvE servers. Digzone is a survival - skyblock hybrid server, with some truly unique aspects to our game mode that players are sure to enjoy. When you join you can jump straight into your skyblock world and start the challen...


Minehuana is listed under PvE servers. [EN CONSTRUCCION] Servidor spanish en construccion. Por ahora estoy yo solo con todo el montaje y configuracion del servidor mas adelante web/foro si quieres ayudarme y aportar tu granito de arena en forma de...


Vestria is listed under PvE servers. Sick of joining server after server only to find pay-to-win donations, unhelpful staff, and the same old rehashed features? So were we! Thats why we created Vestria: a play-to-win Towny server built with a welc...

171realcraft smprealcraft smp

realcraft smp is listed under PvE servers. Realcraft SMP A semi anarchy server. We have grief prevention, shopkeeper, and drop skull plugins, and warps being added. You will get an iron kit on your first login.If you want to build something large ...


MC-Solarcraft is listed under PvE servers. Solarcraft is a third generation server which has been running for 9 years now. Our community has been built and tested over time and we pride ourselves on keeping the old spirit of minecraft alive oppose...

174Hydra MCHydra MC

Hydra MC is listed under PvE servers. Hydra MC Join us at play.hydramc.org today for high quality gameplay! We have many plugins and features that will make your experience top-notch. Our 1.17 Earth Survival server has many custom features to look...


TheSurgeMC is listed under PvE servers. Hello there! Welcome to TheSurgeMC! We are in beta! We are a survival, competitive economy, towny based server with PvP elements. Join our community today for special perks and rewards! We are adding unique ...


PvPCraft is listed under PvE servers. PvPCraft is just the best Minecraft TARDIS server, we have nice and active players, wonderful staff, factions, creative - and most importantly - TARDISes! You can craft your own TARDIS and upgrade it as you le...

179Pizza Craft HIVE Commu...Pizza Craft HIVE Community Server

Pizza Craft HIVE Community Server is listed under PvE servers. A HIVE Blockchain Community Server. Join to learn more about crypto and even earn some through community challenges.


How do I find PvE Minecraft Servers?

On this list, you can find some of the most popular and top-voted PvE Minecraft Servers that you can join today. All PvE servers listings provide details on each server, including the size of playerbase, the number of votes received, and other general information about the specific Minecraft server! Once you find a good server, don't forget to vote, since most of PvE servers reward players for voting.