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Realms servers are often smaller servers running on Minecraft's Realms, those servers are sometimes considered personal servers but they can be quite formidable.

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32Pixelmon ServersPixelmon Servers

Pixelmon Servers is listed under Realms servers. Our server is running Pixelmon Reforged 8.3.0 (adds over 250 new Pokemon!) Pixelmon Reforged Pixelmon Launcher: http://bit.ly/playpixelmon Pixelmon Realms play.pixelmonrealms.com Pixelmon Re...

117Immortal Realms SurvivalImmortal Realms Survival

Immortal Realms Survival is listed under Realms servers. Welcome to Immortal Realms Survival Server! A brand new survival server with 1.16.1 updates. Originated from a faction survival serveR! Experience the endless fun and discover new features t...


YomNetwork is listed under Realms servers. Join the New and growing Yom network! We host a growing number of unique custom gamemodes for you to enjoy for weeks!!! Our most popular server is InfectedRPG DayZ and our newest and fastest growing gamem...


DeltaRealms is listed under Realms servers. DeltaRealms is a 1.17.1 Java Survival server, run by a dedicated staff team, and fueled by an amazing community. We strive to offer the best grief protected survival experience anywhere. Come join us and...

400Mythos RealmsMythos Realms

Mythos Realms is listed under Realms servers. Mythos Realms is a Survival/Factions server based on Greek Mythology. Features: - Survival - Factions - Mcmmo - Custom items - Skyblock - Weakly Events - Towny (Under Construction) Version: 1.17.1 IP: ...


CraftRealms is listed under Realms servers. SITE: CraftRealms.com IP: mc.CraftRealms.com Hello, Welcome to CraftRealms. We have hit an amazing 50,000 NEW Users in 3 months! We are a fast growing community that welcomes new people at the best of it...

515Pure RealmsPure Realms

Pure Realms is listed under Realms servers. Pure Realms is a growing Minecraft Network, with the players at the heart of everything we do. We are focused on providing innovative features, enjoyable gameplay and a community that feels inclusive to ...

711Dungeon Realms Practic...Dungeon Realms Practice Server

Dungeon Realms Practice Server is listed under Realms servers. I have a new dungeon realms practice server that ruins in version 1.7.5, it has a new map, mobs up to T10Elite good drop rates(we are still tinkering around with these to find the perf...

720Dungeon RealmsDungeon Realms

Dungeon Realms is listed under Realms servers. DungeonRealms is a Premuim, Action RPG, Minecraft Experience. Delve into a fascinating world full of dark dungeons, evil monsters and extraordinary treasure. Join Minecrafts first REAL MMO! With desig...

995Melon RealmsMelon Realms

Melon Realms is listed under Realms servers. Melon Realms is a fresh new 1.16 survival server that offers everyone a fun and engaging experience. Melon Realms offers a wide range of intriguing features, so come join us for an adventure today!


ChaosRealmsZ is listed under Realms servers. Come join ChaosRealms....... a new pvp faction server ....come join and have fun all are welcome ..come join the new fun chaotic experience with some fun pluggins at chaos realms......like herobrine sli...

1060Dark RealmsDark Realms

Dark Realms is listed under Realms servers. Dark Realms is a new faction survival server focusing on PvP and raiding enemy factions. With a shop and money system installed, players can easily make money to purchase new items for improving their ba...


Palas is listed under Realms servers. Welcome to the Palas Asia Minecraft Network! Check us out and become part of an amazing community. Current Realms of Survival include: Adventure Quests - Economy - PVP Arena - Crates compatible with clients on...

1469Royalty Realms Semi-Va...Royalty Realms Semi-Vanilla SMP

Royalty Realms Semi-Vanilla SMP is listed under Realms servers. Royalty Realms Survival - [1.17.1]Looking for a new adventure? look no further as royalty realms is a great place toconsider playing! We have plugins to protect your builds items, f...


SnowCraft is listed under Realms servers. PLAY.SNOWCRAFT.US From the Creators of BossCraft, we have since Rebranded to SnowCraft. Bringing back some of our most Popular game modes such as, Creative, Skyblock, Factions which is HCF style [ WITHOUT ...


MozartRealms is listed under Realms servers. Grief, raid and PvP to your heart's content! MozartRealms is a PvP Factions server with a supernatural twist - you have the option of becoming a Vampire or Werewolf! As a bonus, Vampires are able to...


CraftsRealm is listed under Realms servers. Explore the resource worlds with more powerful mobs but greater rewards the further you go. Grind in hundreds of different ways to expand and dominate the realms! Discover the 200+ enchantments with diff...

1742Exodus Realms - Surviv...Exodus Realms - Survival & MORE

Exodus Realms - Survival MORE is listed under Realms servers. Hey there! My name is MajorHoots. I am part owner of the Survival Hereos-like server called Exodus Realms! We are a community driven server that was started by two friends that just w...

1798EtherRealms NetworkEtherRealms Network

EtherRealms Network is listed under Realms servers. Welcome to EtherRealms, a large network. Everything is coded from the ground up, and we are working on building our list of games we have! FEATURES: * Custom plugins made for the server! * 2 game...


How do I find Realms Minecraft Servers?

On this list, you can find some of the most popular and top-voted Realms Minecraft Servers that you can join today. All Realms servers listings provide details on each server, including the size of playerbase, the number of votes received, and other general information about the specific Minecraft server! Once you find a good server, don't forget to vote, since most of Realms servers reward players for voting.