1.11.2 Minecraft Server List

Best 1.11.2 server list, find all Minecraft servers running 1.11.2. Some 1.11.2 Servers support multiple versions of Minecraft, but usually recommended to match your version with the one server is using.

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Grief, raid and PvP to your heart's content! MozartRealms is a PvP Factions server with a supernatural twist - you have the option of becoming a Vampire or Werewolf! As a bonus, Vampires are able to transform into a bat for 20 seconds at a time to escape from foes. Primary Plugins: Factions, ...

260Nidocraft Network

Nidocraft is a brand new Minecraft Server. We're trying to make sure you have the best experience, and we hope you enjoy our minigames as much as we enjoy making them. Discord server: https://discord.gg/M7FmKFE