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Best 1.16.1 server list, find all Minecraft servers running 1.16.1. Some 1.16.1 Servers support multiple versions of Minecraft, but usually recommended to match your version with the one server is using.

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SocialCraft is running Minecraft 1.16.1. SocialCraft is the world's first social server! On SocialCraft, you can socialize with friends, while having tons of fun. We have mini games, cool parties, and many more awesome things. SocialCraft is t...

643Dungeon Realms Practic...Dungeon Realms Practice Server

Dungeon Realms Practice Server is running Minecraft 1.16.1. I have a new dungeon realms practice server that ruins in version 1.7.5, it has a new map, mobs up to T10Elite good drop rates(we are still tinkering around with these to find the perfect...

799Xiavic NetworkXiavic Network

Xiavic Network is running Minecraft 1.16.1. ** Xiavic Survival ** Right now you must be thinking... "wow, another minecraft server with the same old boring stuff!" but I can guarantee that it will not just be "another minecraft serv...

808Scarcity FreeScarcity Free

Scarcity Free is running Minecraft 1.16.1. * 0% Scarcity * No ill1337s * No Donors, everyone is special. * Professionally hosted server, by professionals with years of MC experience. * Grief is not appreciated, and unnecessary here.


WitherSociety is running Minecraft 1.16.1. A wip creative server for all almost ages, swearing is allowed, and enjoyment is welcomed................................

1246Relics of MagicRelics of Magic

Relics of Magic is running Minecraft 1.16.1. Server Version [1.16.1]. Relics of Magic is a survival server with a little touch of magic! Players can try to master up to 82 different spells that will help them survive and fight other players. Every...

1329White PhoenixWhite Phoenix

White Phoenix is running Minecraft 1.16.1. Benvenuti sul server italiano di Minecraft di White Phoenix! Non dimenticate di votare il nostro server, in cambio riceverete una lauta ricompensa per il vostro personaggio!