1.8.8 Minecraft Servers List

Uncover a comprehensive compilation of Minecraft servers operating on version 1.8.8. Whether you're specifically searching for a server that embraces the 1.8.8 update or intrigued by exploring different Minecraft versions, this list is an absolute necessity.

Navigate through the assortment of available servers and discover the ideal match for your gameplay preferences. Immerse yourself in the captivating features and enhancements introduced in Minecraft version 1.8.8, such as new biomes, mobs, blocks, and gameplay improvements. Embark on thrilling adventures in the latest Minecraft world alongside other enthusiastic players.

Minecraft 1.8.8 Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status

Welcome to Endcraft.net, an extraordinary Minecraft server that offers a world of thrilling adventures and exciting features. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with endless possibilities.Immerse yourself in a server that boasts a dedicated and friendly staff team, always read...


Welcome to Podcraft, the ultimate PvP Minecraft server! Join us at Podts.com and experience the thrill of battling it out with fellow players in an ever-expanding world. As a brand new server, you have the unique opportunity to get a head start and establish yourself as a force to be reckoned wit...


ungeteert.de: Freebuild: Eine groe Welt mit vielen Bauwerken und aktiven Spielern. Citybuild: Du kannst gut bauen und jeder soll dein Grundstck sehen? Direkt am HUB befindet sich Citybuild. Farmwelt: Gruben mit Rohstoffen. Finde schnell das was du brauchst und lege direkt los mit dem Bau. Mall: E...


Welcome to AppleMC, the ultimate factions experience in the world of Minecraft! Prepare yourself for an exciting journey filled with adventure, intense PvP battles, and endless opportunities for growth.Join our server at applemc.apexmc.co and immerse yourself in a world where factions reign supre...


¡Bienvenido a EndCraft!EndCraft es un servidor en español donde podrás disfrutar y divertirte junto a tus amigos en el maravilloso mundo de Minecraft. Nuestra comunidad te ofrece una experiencia única llena de diversión y aventuras.En EndCraft, no solo podr&aacut...


Welcome to Raier, the ultimate destination for a high-quality Minecraft experience! Immerse yourself in our thrilling Skyblock, intense Skywars, and action-packed KitPVP game modes. Get ready to embark on an adventure filled with excitement, challenges, and endless fun!In our Skyblock world, you'...


Tere tulemast DkServerisse!DkServer on põnev Minecrafti server, kus on palju avastamisrõõmu ja meelelahutust. Meie pühendunud meeskond on loonud kaasahaarava mängukeskkonna, mis pakub nii Survivali kui ka Factioni mängurežiime.Survivali režiimis saate...


Welcome to RealRaidz, the newest frontier of Minecraft servers! We've just opened our doors and we're eagerly seeking both dedicated staff and passionate players to join our growing community. At RealRaidz, we prioritize creating a non-toxic and welcoming environment where everyone can thrive.Are...


Furthermore, if you're intrigued by exploring other Minecraft versions, this list presents a diverse range of options. Whether you wish to revisit an older version for a dose of nostalgia or experience the distinctive gameplay of different Minecraft releases, you'll find servers tailored to various versions and their unique attributes.

Don't let the opportunity slip away to join the exhilarating realm of 1.8.8 Minecraft servers or delve into the vast assortment of options spanning different versions. Commence your Minecraft journey today and become part of a devoted community of players.