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Find Top Minecraft Servers hosted in Singapore. Server host can affect your ping, the closer the server host is to you, the lower your ping will usually be. If you're from Singapore you will most likely have the best ping on servers hosted in Singapore.

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Blockstackers is hosted in Singapore. About Blockstackers We are a community-based semi-vanilla server based in Asia. Our goal is to deliver the Minecraft experience to people all around the world, creating communities and friendships through fun!...

1495Nexus MinecraftNexus Minecraft

Nexus Minecraft is hosted in Singapore. [Nexus Minecraft | Connecting Players Are you looking for a server that provides multiple different gamemode for your Minecraft needs? Well look no further! Nexus Minecraft is one of the best servers that of...


TavernCraft is hosted in Singapore. TavernCraft was first founded by a group of friends who were interested in playing minecraft together in their own private world, where they could customise their own minecraft experience. Overtime, the server w...