Fun Minecraft Servers

You can find fun Minecraft servers to have a good gameplay experience, but you have to pick the right server. Fun Minecraft servers are usually servers with easy-going casual game modes, you can find some here.

Find Fun Minecraft Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
24LifeSteal SMP

Lifesteal SMP is a Minecraft server with a unique twist: players can "steal" each other's health! When two players fight, the victor will automatically siphon off a portion of the loser's health and add it to their own. This makes for some intense PvP action, as players must be ...

39EcoCityCraft Economy

EcoCityCraft Minecraft Economy Servers | Join now with IP: We have been online for 10+ years counting! Join the oldest and best Economy Minecraft Server with more than 40,000+ officially registered members worldwide! IP: Website: Wiki: https://ec...


Minecraft Survival 1.17.1 TulipSurvival is a super chill Minecraft Survival server with quality of life plugins to make your experience better. You can play with your friends, make land claims, create towns, make player warps, buy sell items to others and more..! Here's a few things we offe...

45PixelFam Blue

Hey! we are a tight nit community server called PixelFam! We are a non pay-to-win server. Community engagement is something we pride ourselves on, being friendly and welcoming to all types of players. Being a new server with lots of unique aspects, a dedicated and passionate staff team who are al...


Come and join this wonderful minecraft survival server it is a vanilla 1.16.4 survivql server so no modpacks you can always use resoursepacks and make Fun (Be kind to other players and Do not grief)


Social community, great gamemodes including: OPFactions, OPSkyBlock, KitMap, HCFactions and Practice. We have an experienced management team which makes everything more Fun for players. We also have a good anticheat which IPbans and active staff members.

64Sweet Survival

Sweet Survival is a place where friendly Minecrafters can play together with peace of mind that their creations can be protected from griefers but still enjoy as much of the Minecraft survival experience as possible. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and encourage respect and inclusivity. This is a new serv...


This is a Fun and an adventurous new factions server. BossCraft resets every 2 months to keep everything fresh. We Feature ftop, sell guis, 1v1's, koths and much more! Make sure you check us out at


Welcome to the TechFreq Army! Survival Server! This also includes PVP and MobArea or MobHunting as well as MCMMO Running on Version 1.14.2 This is the first ever server i've ever made as well as in my opinion the First server i've released with 5 of my personal home structures all merged ...

76Strictly Vanilla

100 Percent Vanilla MineCraft We do use command blocks for certain things but we do not use any command block mods such as: |Home|SetHome|TPA|Anti-Cheat/Hack/Fly|Clear-Lag/GroundItems| We pride ourselves on having the original vanilla game play experience and creating an environment that is Fun a...

79Imagine Fun

Welcome to Imagine Fun. The most realistic Disneyland in Anaheim recreation you can possibly imagine. Tons of players and tons of items to collect and trade! Come try out all of the rides and meet new friends.


In a world where all civilizations have faded. The higher powers have given humans one last chance to create the perfect world, free of pollution and death. Spawn in the centre of England in a mighty kingdom, built by the first of a new race of humans. Build basic planes, and fly to your destinat...

85Mega Craft

If youre looking for a Fun, exciting, and customized minecraft experience, Mega Craft has something for you! We have three unique servers, each one with a variety of features that will completely change the way you play. On our Main server, you have the freedom to customize-in all ways! Magical a...

89ChadCraft Factions

Factions with no OP bullshit where you log in with full diamond and obby. Enderchests or enderpearls so that raiding and basemaking are still actually Fun. If it sounds stupid, just wait until you get into someone's base after they have spent ages grinding. The server economy is based on gold...

95Fallen City

===========FALLEN CITY=========== A Bukkit Minecraft Server= Fallen City is a friendly minecraft server that is for anyone who wants a nice, safe, and Fun experience on minecraft! What we have to offer? We currently have 20+ plugins that all have a vital role in our server, including factions, es...


24/7 dedicated server. Brand new. No whitelist We are survival server with sign shops and residences. We also have project zone to build bigger building and redstone project. Why would you be interested of Obsessioncraft? If you are interested to build advanced buildings and/or redstone circuits,...


isoVerse is a brand new Minecraft 1.18 network with four Fun servers: Survival, Skyblock, Creative, Parkour. Website IP: Begin your Survival adventure in Imber, a huge town with a hundred Fun quests. Trade with new deals daily in our dynamic economy, set up chest shops, create town...


FusionCraft is a Minecraft community that try to offer to its players a game experience as Funny as possible. The server is formed of a lot of different game modes, both arcade and survival ones.

121CodingKingdom Server

We have LOTS of Fun things to do here at this CK-hosted server. it says desc has to be long so here we go GFGHJBFGDDJUFYGSTHJHGBNMMJHGFGHJHGFDFGghfthrthdddddddddddhhhhy65ughdeye5ruifdcgnbthyudhtrfghdctdchtdrcgdcrcfddgfdgrfdfgdfgdh its for 1.10.2


Discord: Steam Community Page: Plugins: [Essentials ] [GriefPrevention][GriefPreventionRealEstate][Jobs Reborn][PvPManager][Vault][Anti-Xray] About us: We're a small group of friends that decided to make our fresh new Mi...

139Hello miners

You kill enemies to get money and you buy things and survive and it's Fun and easy to play I like it so I hope u try it and enjoy it

146Avatar Remastered

We are a Network with several servers and communities for you to join! Towny Avatar - Experience bending just like the Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra shows. Confront a unique Towny experience. Add to your gameplay with enhanced plugins such as SlimeFun, Custom Bosses, Fun Chat Reac...


Hello! I'm Sunnival and i'm here to tell you about my server. Mainly, it's an adventure map which I call Sign Hunt - explore a huge world made by mostly me and a few other helpers and find the 1000 hidden signs all over the map! Each sign has some kind of dumb reference on it and a bu...

158Un Server Sin Ley

Un Server Sin Ley es un servidor de Minecraft donde solo los mejores saldrn adelante! Tenemos un pase de batalla tipo fortnite, misiones, logros adicionales y un sin fin de posibilidades con las parcelas! Tambin tenemos un sistema de protecciones y ciudades, sistema de economa, subastas y mucho m...

167ShadeCrest Creative

Server IP: Shade Crest is a collection of Minecraft servers with a strong community that values Fun, competition, creativity, and variety in gameplay. While being competitive in groups, we genuinely respect one another, help each other out, and share experiences via our forums a...


How do I find Fun Minecraft Servers?

On this list, you can find some of the most popular and top-voted Fun Minecraft Servers that you can join today. All Fun servers listings provide details on each server, including the size of playerbase, the number of votes received, and other general information about the specific Minecraft server! Once you find a good server, don't forget to vote, since most of Fun servers reward players for voting.