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Find new Minecraft Servers on our list. New Minecraft servers that were recently added to the list can include brand new servers as well as established servers that were not listed before. Most of the new servers are looking for new staff if they were just released.

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New server Semivanilla was added 2 weeks ago. Vanilla Survival w/ Economy Plugins World Border 500,000 Blocks Both Ways (1,000,000) Raiding and Griefing Allowed No land protection or chest protection Auction House for in-game trading Purchasable r...

1861Night PrisonNight Prison

New server Night Prison was added 3 weeks ago. Night Prison is a new prison server that has plenty of custom enchants and large mines. Most of the features on the server are custom made by the owner to allow players to have the exact experience th...

1274CraftSMP - Economy Bas...CraftSMP - Economy Based Minecraft

New server CraftSMP - Economy Based Minecraft was added 3 weeks ago. Hi, my name is Brandon. I am the Owner and Developer of CraftSMP. CraftSMP was a single person project that I made 2 years back and have tried to revamp once before, and I decide...


New server TavernCraft was added 3 weeks ago. TavernCraft was first founded by a group of friends who were interested in playing minecraft together in their own private world, where they could customise their own minecraft experience. Overtime, th...


New server PandaxSkyblock was added 3 weeks ago. A basic skyblock with very nice staff, We always listen to our comunity and if there is any problem we will normaly respond within 2 hours, There is no lag and the players are always nice to everyon...

1857FlamingRaids FactionsFlamingRaids Factions

New server FlamingRaids Factions was added 3 weeks ago. FlamingRaids Factions Is a Newish Server Trying To Bring Back Community To Factions Without Removing The Competitiveness! Our Server Offers A Variety Of Cool Plugins As Well As Many Custom On...


New server TribalPvP was added 3 weeks ago. Come over to TribalPvP for lots of fun and new experiences.Features:- In-Game buyable ranks- /f fly- Chunkbusters- Mobcoins- SellSticks - Gambling (coinflip, bar gambling, jackpots, money pouches)- Speci...

1856ERS ServerERS Server

New server ERS Server was added 3 weeks ago. Plugins: AAC EpicSpawners WildTP UltimateShops And many more!! We are also looking for staff. When you vote/invite people you will get a reward in game.

1854Edmundo BedjoEdmundo Bedjo

New server Edmundo Bedjo was added 3 weeks ago. We are a UNIQUE Skyblock server. We have many many vehicles you guys are able to ride, from planes, cars, helicopters, etc! There are gun arenas, racing arenas, pvp arenas, and more! Grab a job and s...

1732Hype CityHype City

New server Hype City was added 3 weeks ago. Hype City is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be for the players. Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed to be transparent. Designed for all. Features: - Duels - HayWars - Arcad...

1413Team-NeO - Sky Factory...Team-NeO - Sky Factory 4 - FTB

New server Team-NeO - Sky Factory 4 - FTB was added 3 weeks ago. Looking for a decent cracked server with a mature community? friendly staff? well look no further. Team-NeO is hosting a FTB server we have kept everything pretty much unlucked but n...


New server Starsea was added 3 weeks ago. A friendly server for building and exploration, with custom plugins similar to Factions to prevent griefing.


New server Pixl-Island was added 3 weeks ago. New server! Survival and more. the description has to be 100 characters: ...................................................................................................................................


New server SurvivalOP was added 3 weeks ago. SurvivalOP - 1.8 - Survival con rankup - rangos - Tienda - items OP - Crates - Minijuegos - Skywars - TheLab - Ttrun - diversion 100% Espero que disfrutes del servidor Owner Sapy_ cualquier duda o error...


New server Red&Co was added 3 weeks ago. A goddam good frenchy server ! Play with all your friends in a lot of games for free! Server Address PC / Mac:

1847Darkade NetworkDarkade Network

New server Darkade Network was added 3 weeks ago. We've created this Vanilla Server to detain our players while we are working at our main server which is coming out this summer. More information about the main server can be found in our disco...


New server soulcia was added 3 weeks ago. We are a new server just starting up and we would love to have some new people I guess. We're going to add factions and um and a shop plz join.


New server CookieWorld was added 3 weeks ago. A Minecraft adventure you will love! (Server isint finish , should be finish soon...) -a whole RPG World with Custome Mobs -More then 20 Minigames , Creative and more! Bewerbungen Mglich! ----- Applyca...

1528Galaxys Edge | Disneyl...Galaxys Edge | Disneyland MC Server

New server Galaxys Edge | Disneyland MC Server was added 3 weeks ago. -+= Galaxys Edge =+- - A Custom Disneyland Minecraft Server - Modded - Mods Used are on the website WITH Download Links to each of them with a download link to forge. - Looking ...

1843HourOfWar Duping AllowedHourOfWar Duping Allowed

New server HourOfWar Duping Allowed was added 3 weeks ago. This is a vanilla survival minecraft server which will SOON turn into something else. Join soon for a BETA account! This will turn into a custom factions/bed-wars server. Stay tuned for mo...

1583The Floating CityThe Floating City

New server The Floating City was added 3 weeks ago. The Floating City is a unique Minecraft server where you can freely build in creative, but in a void world, unable to fly. Unique mechanics like infinite fall and multiple worlds add to the fun, ...

1734MCPro CreativeMCPro Creative

New server MCPro Creative was added 3 weeks ago. This server is the best creative server and probably the best server you will ever join within your life. Freebuild creative with no plots. Join now!!


New server Eleria was added 3 weeks ago. Eleria is a Kingdoms server with 1.8 PvP on a 8k x 8k custom map. God apples are disabled. Oldschool (1.8) PvP. Professional staff. No lag. No toxicity. Great, player-driven economy. Strong anti-xray. No ha...


New server ReviveMC was added 3 weeks ago. ReviveMC is a new faction based server, featuring cool events such as Dragonhunt. We have a balanced economy where farming is also possible if thats what you want. We will host weekly events, and f top co...

1303AMC NetwerkAMC Netwerk

New server AMC Netwerk was added 3 weeks ago. De Minecraft-Hub is bereikbaar via: - v. 1.12 Kom gerust eens langs om gezellig te communiceren met je medespelers op onze teamspeakserver: - - http...