New Minecraft Server List

Find new Minecraft Servers on our list. New Minecraft servers that were recently added to the list can include brand new servers as well as established servers that were not listed before. Most of the new servers are looking for new staff if they were just released.

Find New Minecraft Server List

Rank Name Server Players Status
131SemiVanilla Survival

SemiVanilla is a New Minecraft server with bare minimum plugins and modifications to the vanilla experience. The goal is to provide the best "semivanilla" experience out there. On SemiVanilla every player starts somewhere New, there is no main spawn. This gives everyone the same vanilla-like expe...

1048Clipstone Survival Craft

Clipstone Survival Craft - Build and adventure wherever you want with no risk of dying! (pvp disabled) 👪 Crossplay - Play on any device. ( 🏆 Events - Join our discord for events!. ⚔️ PvP - Player vs Player is disabled!. 💻 Discord Server: 🌳...

1046Zonks Unlimited

A small community Minecraft Server. Includes Survival, Creative, Economy, Jobs, Claims, and much more! In this server, we make sure that you have an amazing time playing on it! With helpful staff and a friendly community, we hope that you have an amazing time here!

1045Horizon | Network

★★ Horizon Network ★★ We are an upcoming minecraft server and map making community to benefit our community the best we can! Here are some things we can offer to YOU! ╔════════════════╗ ★ ╔═════════════════╗ » Discord Server Badges » Events ║ » Friendly Community » Community SMP ║ » Supportive St...

344No name

Bedrock IP: Bedrock port: 23442 A 1.19 Java Towny server with lots of custom enchants, a physical economy with gold + a skill system and bounties. We also have a lifesteal server.

945Spotkaj kolegów

Przetrwanie 100% super server w którym po spawnie pojawiasz się w jaskini i musisz się z niej wydostać. UWAGA! Jeśli coś zbudujesz, to oznacz to tabliczką z twojim nickiem! server jest odpalany o 12:20 discord:

413Best Modded Minecraft ...

If you want to enjoy a game that you can never get bored of, then Minecraft modded server is the best. Minecraft games have a lot of modded servers which you can download from an online website and install on your PC. There are more than 100,000 modded servers, each with a different gameplay sett...

727Prosper Prison

Prosper Prison is a prison server with amazing features and unique plugins. We are dedicated to making the player experience exceptional. Here are some of the things that we offer on the server: - Survival world where you can experience the originality of Minecraft. - Skyblock world where you can...


KozyKraft is our small community being developed daily with every quality of life update shaped around removing anything tedious in MC and make it the most builder friendly & custom client for the best minecraft experience.

501Serizon Network

Looking for THE Minecraft Server to play? Don‘t search any longer, because we got you covered! Enjoy either Survival (SMP) or Lifesteal on Minecraft 1.18.2 with beautiful builds and exciting features. Never be bored playing Minecraft again, we focus on regularly bringing New content and keeping t...

48LifeSteal SMP

Lifesteal SMP is a Minecraft server with a unique twist: players can "steal" each other's health! When two players fight, the victor will automatically siphon off a portion of the loser's health and add it to their own. This makes for some intense PvP action, as players must be ...

500VanillaMC + MiniGames

VanillaMC is a Life Simulation, start the journey on Earth, upon being born into our server, you will find yourself in the spawn area, here you will use /warp to go to Earth, Moon or any other planets you choose. Would you like to play on an infinite world? We have one! Be careful as you will enc...

264CraftSMP - Economy Bas...

Hi, my name is Brandon. I am the Owner and Developer of CraftSMP. CraftSMP was a single person project that I made 2 years back and have tried to revamp once before, and I decided to revamp it again, but this time, better. CraftSMP is a economy based Minecraft server with your typical economy ser...


A basic skyblock with very nice staff, We always listen to our comunity and if there is any problem we will normaly respond within 2 hours, There is no lag and the players are always nice to everyone! :D You can AFK for as long as you want we restart the server once a week :]


Come over to TribalPvP for lots of fun and New experiences.Features:- In-Game buyable ranks- /f fly- Chunkbusters- Mobcoins- SellSticks - Gambling (coinflip, bar gambling, jackpots, money pouches)- Special Spawners- mcMMO- VoidChest- Crates- Shockwave Tools- CropHoppers- Special Mob Drops- Scaffo...

322Team-NeO - Sky Factory...

Looking for a decent cracked server with a mature community? friendly staff? well look no further. Team-NeO is hosting a FTB server we have kept everything pretty much unlucked but naturally , to ensure server stability and security of players we may make a few alterations but nothing too serious...


A friendly server for building and exploration, with custom plugins similar to Factions to prevent griefing.


A goddam good frenchy server ! Play with all your friends in a lot of games for free! Server Address PC / Mac:


A Minecraft adventure you will love! (Server isint finish , should be finish soon...) -a whole RPG World with Custome Mobs -More then 20 Minigames , Creative and more! Bewerbungen Mglich! ----- Applycations avible -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

926Galaxys Edge | Disneyl...

-+= Galaxys Edge =+- - A Custom Disneyland Minecraft Server - Modded - Mods Used are on the website WITH Download Links to each of them with a download link to forge. - Looking For Staff which you can apply for on our website! - Looking For Actors - Looking For Builders - Looking For Ride Designers

1028MCPro Creative

This server is the best creative server and probably the best server you will ever join within your life. Freebuild creative with no plots. Join now!!

900AMC Netwerk

De Minecraft-Hub is bereikbaar via: - v. 1.12 Kom gerust eens langs om gezellig te communiceren met je medespelers op onze teamspeakserver: - - Server: AcidIsland, Creative, Minigames, PVP, Skyblock, Survival en The Lab.


ZivvoZia Has KitPvP, Factions and 10 player limit so you don't get teamed up by 300 other people at the same time Mods: Optifine, Minimap mods or any mods that don't make an advantage over the other players.


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Hello! I'm Sunnival and i'm here to tell you about my server. Mainly, it's an adventure map which I call Sign Hunt - explore a huge world made by mostly me and a few other helpers and find the 1000 hidden signs all over the map! Each sign has some kind of dumb reference on it and a bu...