Whitelist Minecraft Servers

On Whitelist Minecraft servers you have to be manually added to the server's Whitelist before you can join. Sometimes servers would use form on their websites other time you will have to contact the server administrator and ask to be added to the Whitelist.

Find Whitelist Minecraft Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status

24/7 dedicated server. Brand new. No Whitelist We are survival server with sign shops and residences. We also have project zone to build bigger building and redstone project. Why would you be interested of Obsessioncraft? If you are interested to build advanced buildings and/or redstone circuits,...

163RawMinecraft 2.0

Original Mojang server file, Vanilla SMP for builders. Share your screenshots on http://rawminecraft.com/ . It may be a new ip address but it's the same old world builds we know love seeing. Please be respect the other players and their creations. No Griefing. No Stealing. No Raiding. No ...

188Airship Pirates World

The Airship Pirates World Survival Server is a movecraft spigot server that runs on 1.9.2. It is owned by BaccaYarro.Our website is minecraftairshippirates.enjin.com and we also have a discord here if you'd like to ask to join. Discord link is: http://discord.gg/fjSXKtx. To join the server yo...


Hello everyone! I am LukasM_0812, just call me Lukas! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuMhJZ1P_1V3Xzw3yTREC9Q My Discord server: https://discord.gg/A8psSqbW4D ================================================================ If you want to join my Minecraft server, then you need to join this Disc...


Generations is a WIP SMP Which has QOL Plugins such as Grief Prevention, Crates, Treefeller and RTP and a lot more to come (The server is still Whitelist until the server is fully configured)

261Vanilla Hype

Fresh new map! Vanilla Hype is a Whitelisted vanilla server. There is no griefing or stealing and the gameplay is as vanilla as it gets. We have events and weekly competitions that anyone can join. The aim of the server is to build a friendly and mature community so we're always looking for n...


We're a small community of mature teens/adults who enjoy the SMP experience on a Whitelist server. If you would like to join our community, please apply on our Discord: https://discord.gg/BaAQRaSR2P We ask all new members to our community to be respectful. Both Discord and in-game chat are SF...

385Terramining II

Welcome to an amazing survival server 24/7 No Whitelist Dedicated Staff Awsome Plugins No Lag No Whitelist Factions PvP Simple and Easy Home and Chest Protection Wild Build zones Anti-Grief Shops Anti hacking


Fun survival server with claims. We have a lovely community. Welcome to the MemeTeam! You can use /rtp to spawn somewhere random. Use a golden shovel to claim land! Vote to get more money! You may also use /ds or /shop to sell items. PVP is only enabled in the Nether. No cheating, no X-RAY etc. W...

515Hydro Vanilla SMP

Hi and welcome to Hydro Vanilla SMP! We are an 18+, Whitelisted Vanilla server that strives to give you the best playing experience there can be! We don't make use of any game altering plugins, just administrative ones for the Staff team. We also make use of Dynmap so you can always see what ...

531The Fallen Chronicle

Introduction The Fallen Chronicle is a Hardcore Roleplaying experience, that focuses on individual character development and freedom of roleplay. However before anything else, The Fallen Chronicle is a story. A story being told by the community and the players. We do anything we can, to provide y...


VeteranCraft is a solid growing community of mature, friendly players. Our technical back-end is second to none. Looking for a stable server that is run by serious people, and that will be there tomorrow? Look no further. We have no Whitelist so stop in and check it out. If you like what you see,...


This is a public, Whitelisted Minecraft server with an emphasis on community in a vanilla Minecraft setting. Currently we run a single survival world at hard difficulty. The server is running Minecraft (Paper) version 1.14.4. We started this server after a favorite server, Serenity-MC.org, stoppe...

622Reality EarthSMP

Hey! You! Yes...YOU! Are you a adult? Yes? AWESOME! This server is perfect for you. Reality EarthSMP is a 18+ server. We welcome adults of all ages as long as you fit the requirements. When you join the server you will be required to confirm your age using our bot called "ModMail" nickn...


ComparatorcraftSMP Apply in our Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/7rG2TJ6 ComparatorCraft is a Hermitcraft inspired, semi-vanilla, Whitelisted, survival multiplayer server with an active player base including Builders and Redstoners of all abilities. The plugins, data packs, commands, an...

690Sector Alpha Survival

Welcome to Sector Alpha's Minecraft Survival! Here we run a vanilla minecraft server with no extensive plugins to change the survival experience. Either go into the newly generated wilderness or travel to the past builds of previous players. If you're planning to build large structures jo...


We are a diverse group of MC players who aim at having a good time together. We believe that having fun is the most important part of the game, and we love to make new friends all over the world. Does this sound like the place for you? Then dont hesitate and sign up for our Whitelist to join us! ...

746Boredom MC

Boredom MC is a private/Whitelisted vanilla gameplay SMP server focused on keeping Minecraft the way it's meant to be played. We now only accept players that are 17 years of age, or older. We have a dedicated staff team and an amazing community of tightly-knitted players who make this an expe...

851Vanilla Whitelisted

NamaiCraft presents: Vanilla 1.13.1 [Spigot] IP: play.namaicraft.com:49464 Discord: https://discord.gg/tpXuNDS Website: www.namaicraft.com Server Features: - Map 100% 1.13 Generation. - Veinminer - City - Shops - Ranks - RTP - Land Protection - Mining World - mcMMO - And more... ATTENTION: The se...

875Rivens Universe

Riven's Universe, founded June 4, 2016 by riv6n Official Riven's Universe Discord: https://discord.gg/0yOCr7TFb1tgLi6k Contact: @Akeki Jinsai#4444 What we have: Creative plots - 101x101 Freebuild (RP, Whitelisted, application only) Custom OTG survival 1st amendment friendly Completely fre...

888Vanilla Tyme

Vanilla Tyme is a survival server that offers a vanilla experience, with no game altering plugins. We are a Whitelisted community. You must apply to play. We encourage those applying to put effort in to their application. We have an active, friendly, and mature community with a dedicated staff te...


CakeSMP [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Whitelist} {New Map} Season 2 Started on 6/1! Now Support: Java, Bedrock, Windows 10! - Version: 1.17.1 - LGBTQ friendly - Helpful community with a balanced economy - Well organized Shopping District - A very active community with 20-30 players on average - Fast tick...

916The Naether

The Nther is a brand-new 1.14.4 Spigot Minecraft server run on the Java Edition of Minecraft. After working hard for a few weeks on permissions and spawns, we have finally been able to bring the server into the light and add it to PlanetMinecraft and other sites for voting to work properly. As of...

919The Cake

We are a close-knit server community designed to be a casual, safe, and fun place to enjoy Minecraft. This server was first launched in 2013 as a Whitelisted communitiy. Now, in 2015, we have opened our doors to welcome everyone! The founders of Cake created this server to bring friends together ...

995Dunmoore SMP

Dunmoore SMP is an exclusive Vanilla+ Minecraft server with a strong, friendly community. We host regular server events and just have fun playing Minecraft. If this sounds like it's for you, join our Discord server to be Whitelisted and become a part of a growing server with an active playerb...


How do I find Whitelist Minecraft Servers?

On this list, you can find some of the most popular and top-voted Whitelist Minecraft Servers that you can join today. All Whitelist servers listings provide details on each server, including the size of playerbase, the number of votes received, and other general information about the specific Minecraft server! Once you find a good server, don't forget to vote, since most of Whitelist servers reward players for voting.